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Nitrous Oxide Cream Whipper 0.25 litre

Nitrous Oxide Cream Whipper 0.25 litre
    Product Code: NOCW
    Price: £25.99
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Makes pure and fresh whipped cream and a variety of sweet and sour mousses, creams and sauces as well as delicious desserts in seconds.
    Whips content up to four times the liquid volume, so you get twice the goodness for half the calories.

    Disclaimer: This product is sold for catering purposes only.
    If you order; you must be 18 or over and of sound mind.
    Consuming Nitrous Oxide may be illegal and is not recommended.
    All information is for entertainment and information purposes only.
    Keep away from children and all under 18.
    Dispose of safely when finished with.

    Please note that we are selling this product for catering purposes only.
    We ( / Graffiti UK LTD) will not be responsible for any injuries, misuse's, or deaths caused by anyone who has neglected to follow these instructions and read our disclaimer statement. You can only purchase this dispenser if you select the following tick box, which states that you agree with the above disclaimer.

    Warnings About Product Misuse

    Nitrous oxide chargers are for preparation of food only.

    Cannot be shipped out of the United Kingdom

    Misuse can be dangerous to your health. If we have reason to believe that any order has been placed with the intention of misuse, we will not complete the sale and place the customer's information on our blacklist. We cannot process future orders that contain an email address or physical mailing address that matches our blacklist.

    Contents under pressure. We can't ship whipped cream chargers abroad because it's dangerous and illegal to put these on planes.

    Do not incinerate or expose to sun or heat.

    Temperature not to exceed 50C or 122F.

    Never dispose of full chargers.

    Keep out of reach of children. It's our store policy not sell whipped cream chargers to anyone under the age of 18 years. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale if we suspect the customer is underage.

      Disclaimer: By ticking this box, I (The purchaser) declare that I am over the age of 18 years, and that I am of sound mind. I also declare that I am purchasing this whipped cream dispenser for catering purposes only. I Agree that the supplier ( / Graffiti UK LTD) will not be responsible for any injuries, misuse’s, or deaths caused by anyone.